UNDER PRESSURE: THE SCIENCE OF STRESS by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay is out today from Kids Can Press! This illustrated book for children explores the science behind that sweaty, heart-racing, under-pressure feeling they sometimes get as they struggle to navigate their changing world. It covers the fight-or-flight reaction to sudden danger, how people cope with chronic stress, how trauma can affect the brain, the ways athletes put pressure to work and the surprising treatments scientists have found for stress in everyday life. By examining how pressure affects the human body and different ways to manage it, this book allows middle graders to get a handle on what normal stress is and isn’t — and how to deal with it either way. Because knowing the facts can make all the difference.

Tanya Lloyd Kyi writes both fiction and nonfiction on topics related to science, pop culture, social history or a combination of all three. Her recent books include Prince of Pot, DNA Detective and Mya’s Strategy to Save the World. Tanya lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and two kids.