Born and raised in Toronto, Adrian Lee is an award-winning journalist and editor in the opinion section at the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper. 

His articles, essays, and podcasts have appeared in places like Maclean’s, the CBC, The Canadian Press, and Agence France Presse, among others. Inspired by his wide and omnivorous range of interests—in culture, politics, history, sports, arts, international affairs, urban design, and technology—he has written and reported on the history of Toronto’s Yonge Street, the existential appeal of Yayoi Kusama, how fandom of artists like Justin Bieber is modern-day faith, and the rise of poop innovation.

He is a Digital Publishing Award winner (ie. the recipient of an $83 prize and a free drink), a graduate of Halifax’s University of King’s College with a combined honours degree in contemporary philosophy and journalism (ie. a degree in dinner parties), a valedictorian at the University of Toronto Schools (ie. a place where valedictorians were not chosen based on achievement, academic or otherwise), and also occasionally moonlights as a DJ, wedding planner, event MC, documentary producer, and dog-walker (ie. he freelanced for a while).
Adrian is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.