RISING STAR, book 3 in the Cross Ups series with text by Sylv Chiang and illustrations by Connie Choi, is out today from Annick Press.

“A fast-paced escapade that draws real-life parallels to gaming culture.” — Kirkus

RISING STAR follows the continuing adventures of Jaden, Cali, and the Cross Ups crew. When Jaden gets a call inviting him to Comicon to test out a new version of his favorite game, Cross Ups, he is thrilled . . . sort of. He’ll get to go with his best friend, Cali, they’ll be in New York City, and best of all, he’ll meet his idol and the greatest gamer of all time, Yuudai Sato. But he’s got no time to practice, and worse, his signature moves no longer work. His trip starts to feel less and less exciting, and more and more like one big problem. Jaden has to come up with some solutions—fast. He looks to some older gamers for guidance, but is JStar willing to change who he is for the sake of a game?

SYLV CHIANG is a middle grade teacher by day and a writer of middle grade fiction by night. She wrote the Cross Ups series to appeal to the students in her grade five class who are more interested in video games than books. She lives in Pickering, Ontario.

Sylv is represented by Transatlantic agent Amy Tompkins.