We’ve rounded up some fantastic reviews of Ani Castillo’s PING (Little, BrownBooks for Young Readers), which appeared last Friday in the New York Times Book Review, in addition to recent reviews in School Library Journal and Quill & Quire.

“The poofy red creature in this wise debut is here to demonstrate a crucial life lesson: Go ahead and put yourself out there — what Castillo calls a Ping — but remember, you can’t control how other people will react — the Pong. The creature Pings by painting, singing and “expressing feelings that just need to burst out.” Then it’s time to breathe deeply, listen for Pongs and decide what to do in response. So many books these days offer kids social-emotional counsel; this one delivers down-to-earth ideas in a refreshingly direct yet fanciful package.”  — New York Times Book Review

A clever reminder about what we can control in life, and what we cannot…a worthy addition to large collections.” — School Library Journal

“Accessible, profound, and touching.” — Quill & Quire

 Congratulations Ani and PING!