Transatlantic Agency is happy to announce multiple international rights deals for Page Two, all arranged by Stephanie Sinclair:

Portuguese rights to Justin Bariso’s EQ APPLIED to Porto Editora by The Foreign Office, Bulgarian rights to Hermes Publishing House by A.N.A. Sofia Ltd. and Thai rights to Wara Publishing Co. by The Grayhawk Agency.

Hungarian rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to HVG Kiado by Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents.

Hungarian rights to OWN YOUR ANXIETY by Julian Brass to Partvonal by Katai & Bolza Literary Agents.

Turkish rights to Tim Calkins’s HOW TO WASH A CHICKEN to Sola by Berrak Sıral at Kalem Literary Agency.

Complex Chinese rights to THE GOOD FIGHT by Liane Davey to Crown by The Grayhawk Agency.

French rights to THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN by Allan Dib to Pearson by Anna Jarota Agency, Slovak rights to Motyl by Kristin Olson Literary Agency and Hebrew rights to Oram by The Book Publishers Association of Israel

Vietnamese rights to THE 5-MINUTE RECHARGE by Lynne Everatt and Addie Greco-Sanchez to Stylory by The Grayhawk Agency.

French rights to EAT TO LOVE by Jenna Hollenstein to Leduc by Anna Jarota Agency and Vietnamese rights to Huy Hoang by The Grayhawk Agency.

Greek rights to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY by Phil M. Jones to Klidarithmos by JLM Literary Agency and Polish rights to MT Biznes by Book/lab Literary Agency. 

Complex Chinese rights to THE CONNECTOR’S ADVANTAGE by Michelle Tillis Lederman to Streamer by The Grayhawk Agency.

Simplified Chinese rights to LABYRINTH by Pawel Motyl to Beijing Mediatime by The Grayhawk Agency, Russian rights to Piter, and Greek rights to Psichogios by JLM Literary Agency.

Vietnamese rights to THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS OF LOVE by Susan Piver to ThaiHaBooks JSC by Maxima Creative Agency.

Greek rights to ARA THE STAR ENGINEER by Komal Singh to Klidarithmos by JLM Literary Agency.

German rights to Mike Walsh’s THE ALGORITHMIC LEADER to Franz Vahlen by Liepman AG Literary Agency and Korean rights to Alpha Media by Danny Hong Agency.

Congratulations to these Page Two authors!