Cody Caetano’s work has appeared in BeatroutePRISM InternationalBad NudesHart House Review, and elsewhere. His debut chapbook, Pleasure Dome Poems, was released via Knife/Fork/Book in 2019, which Billy-Ray Belcourt blurbed as “slippery and agile and revisionist and campy and ethical and ultra contemporary.” He has taught writing workshops across the city of Toronto and is an alumnus of the Banff Centre’s Spring Writers Retreat, featuring faculty Liz Howard and Cherie Dimaline. In 2019, he graduated with an MA in English in the field of Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, where he worked on the first memoir in a tetralogy of stories under the mentorship of traditional teacher Lee Maracle, called HALF-BADS IN WHITE REGALIA. 

HALF-BADS IN WHITE REGALIA investigates the soreness of diasporic kinships, what happens when a fractured story is told in a circle, the perilous in-betweens of mixed identity and poverty, Anishinaabe joy, humour as a built-in preservation system, and the inheritance of memories one would do anything to forget.

Cody is a proud member of Pinaymootang First Nation and the Bloorcourt neighbourhood in Toronto, the latter of which is where he currently lives with his two cats. He is working on his second memoir, THE CANCELLING OF CAPTAIN PLEASURE DOME. Find him at @cody_caetano.

Cody is represented by Stephanie Sinclair.