Yasin Osman is an award-winning Toronto-based photographer and visual storyteller who specializes in capturing evocative images of the living world. Raised in Regent Park (Toronto, Canada), Osman began to take photos to document his rapidly changing neighbourhood. In 2015, Osman founded #ShootForPeace, a photo mentorship program in Regent Park, blending his background in early childhood education and passions for youth empowerment and photography. The program has received sponsorship from CANON and media coverage from UpworthyAmerican Photo Mag and CNN. Osman uses photography to showcase stories of perseverance, resilience and community. In 2017 he traveled to Somalia to collaborate with #LoveArmy, a humanitarian organization founded by Jerome Jarre, Casey Neistat, Ben Stiller & Chaka. During Osman’s time in Somalia he collaborated with world renowned artist JR and Osman’s photos were pasted onto multiple water trucks all over the country. Additionally, he has worked with UNICEF, MacLeans Magazine and VICE. Through social media platforms Instagram (45k+) & 500px (195k) Osman has accumulated over 200 thousand followers, and told powerful stories of marginalization, culture and religion. Osman is currently exhibiting his portraits of Somalia at Daniels Spectrum. Yasin’s stunning debut photographic collection, DEAR AYEEYO, is now available for consideration.

Yasin is represented by Stephanie Sinclair.