The Indigenous Voices Awards (IVAs) were established in 2017 to support and nurture the work of Indigenous writers in lands claimed by Canada. A virtual gala will be held on June 21st, National Indigenous Day, at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST to celebrate all the applicants and announce the winners.

Cody has been named a finalist for the 2020 IVAs for an excerpt from Half-Bads in White Regalia, which was recently required at auction by Hamish Hamilton for publication in Spring 2022. HALF-BADS IN WHITE REGALIA investigates the soreness of diasporic kinships, what happens when a fractured story is told in a circle, the perilous in-betweens of mixed identity and poverty, Anishinaabe joy, humour as a built-in preservation system, and the inheritance of memories one would do anything to forget. Cody is a proud member of Pinaymootang First Nation and the Bloorcourt neighbourhood in Toronto, the latter of which is where he currently lives with his two cats. He is working on his second memoir, THE CANCELLING OF CAPTAIN PLEASURE DOME. Cody is represented by Stephanie Sinclair.

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