Transatlantic is happy to welcome Lezlie Lowe to the agency. Lezlie Lowe began her freelance radio, newspaper, and magazine career in 1996. She has penned and produced long-form pieces on urban rats, roadkill cemeteries, sex work, and, prominently, public toilets, making a writing career out of flipping on the lights above society’s unexamined everyday.

Lowe has been a finalist and multiple winner at the Radio Television Digital News Association Awards, the Atlantic Journalism Awards, and the Canadian Association of Journalists Awards and the Atlantic Book Awards. Her job as principal researcher helped win the Atlantic Film Festival Rex Tasker Award for Best Documentary for Sluts: The Documentary. Lowe has taught journalism at the University of King’s College since 2003.

Since her first news magazine piece on public bathrooms appeared in 2005, Lowe has emerged as a national expert and go-to commentator on toilet accessibility (or lack thereof). Her book, No Place To Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs (Coach House, 2018; Melville House UK, 2019) is an incisive look at the design and culture of these unsung parts of urban infrastructure.

Lezlie is represented by Senior Literary Agent Carolyn Forde.