We’re very pleased to welcome Shakil Choudhury to Transatlantic. Shakil is an award-winning educator, consultant and writer with 25 years of experience in the field of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. He has worked with thousands of organizational leaders across sectors in Canada and the United States to help them improve their equity outcomes. Internationally, Shakil has designed and led peace-building projects for communities in conflict, specifically in Europe and South America.

Shakil is the best-selling author Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them, a practical, scientific and compassionate approach to tackling systemic racial discrimination. Written in a Gladwell-meets-racial-justice style, many have called it a “breakthrough” book on racism and social identity. He is excited to be working on the revised edition of Deep Diversity, with updates on how the George Floyd uprisings, COVID-19 and the Trumpian era have exposed, as well as escalated, Us/Them dynamics… and what we can do about it.    

Shakil lives in Toronto and is experiencing his most challenging and rewarding management experience: his two young children teaching him about fatherhood.

Shakil is co-represented by Samantha Haywood and Leonicka Valcius.