About a month ago, the very talented author/illustrator Marla Lesage posted an adorable photo of her mask-wearing kids at a visit to a farm on Facebook. The caption read, “Masks are great at reducing the risk of spreading covid & also for blocking stinky farm smells!”

Her agent, Elizabeth Bennett responded, “Sounds like the beginning of a picture book to me!” To that Marla said, “Challenge accepted!”

48 hours later Elizabeth received an adorable (and incredibly timely) picture book text and a fully sketched dummy. The submission quickly received quite a bit of interest and ultimately was sold to Orca Book Publishers who is planning on releasing it this winter!

Masks are For… is the perfect way to help kids and parents overcome the fear and awkwardness of wearing a mask. Unfortunately, it’s looking like masks are here to stay (at least for the time being) and this book is sure to find a grateful audience.