[Image description: cover image for the book BLAZE ISLAND by Catherine Bush, featuring a block print island with streams of lava and specks of ash floating over the sea and sky]

Happy book birthday to Blaze Island by Catherine Bush, which is out today from Goose Lane Editions!

“Swept away. This novel is sublime.” -Lisa Moore, author of Caught and February

The time is now or an alternate near now, the world close to our own. A mammoth Category Five hurricane sweeps up the eastern seaboard of North America, leaving devastation in its wake, its outer wings brushing over tiny Blaze Island in the North Atlantic.

Just as the storm disrupts the present, it stirs up the past: Miranda’s memories of growing up in an isolated, wind-swept cove and the events of long ago that her father will not allow her to speak of. In the aftermath of the storm, she finds herself in a world altered so quickly and so radically that she hardly knows what has happened. As Miranda says, change is clear after it happens.

Catherine Bush is the author of four previous novels, including the bestselling The Rules of Engagement. She has written and spoken internationally about addressing the climate crisis in fiction and was recently a Fiction Meets Science fellow in Germany. Catherine is represented by Samantha Haywood.