Happiest of book birthdays to A GREAT BIG NIGHT by Kate Inglis and illustrated by Josée Bisaillon, out now from Nimbus Publishing!

When three travelling frog musicians roll through the forest the grumpy old grouse is sure they are nothing but riffraff making a foolish racket. But when a storm makes a mess of the grouse’s home, he may find that music can be more than just for a party.

Kate Inglis is an award-winning author who writes books about pirates and giants and mermaids and magic and all the stars and all the ways we love each other. And frogs in a teeny-tiny folk band. Sometimes for kids and sometimes for grown-ups, Kate’s novels and poetry are a mish-mash, and always infused with the salt, woodsmoke, and fresh air of the North Atlantic coast. Everyone knows mish-mashes keep you sharp. Kate is represented by Amy Tompkins.