Happy book birthday to WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL by Kerry Clare, out today from Doubleday Canada! For fans of Joanne Ramos, Josie Silver, and Emily Giffin, a gripping and powerful story that asks: Just how much are you willing to forgive in the name of love?

“Kerry Clare’s Waiting for a Star to Fall is a love story at its core, though one without an ending written in the stars. It’s about what we believe—and who we believe—and it reveals that we each control our own happiness and destiny. Timely and insightful, Clare has crafted a worthy successor to her memorable debut Mitzi Bytes.” —Karma Brown, #1 bestselling author of Recipe for a Perfect Wife

“Kerry Clare has done something spectacular: She’s written a riveting #MeToo novel that is a nuanced celebration of the complexity of human nature. I read it in one morning and will be thinking about it for a long time to come.” —Lauren Mechling, author of How Could She

“Girl falls hard for charismatic, older man. It’s heady and intoxicating. Then he turns out not to be who she thought he was. Like, at all. This is a thrillingly sexy book about that first big, bad love, and the pain of seeing someone for who they really are. Kerry Clare writes about the dark heart of women with a deceptively light touch, one that belies a complexity just below the surface. A diverting and compassionate read.” —Lisa Gabriele, author of The Winters

“Timely and entertaining on the surface—but crack through to its core and discover a deep and thought-provoking meditation on the flaws and foibles of humanity. This book is beautifully, brutally honest, reminded me of being 23, made me forgive myself my lapses in judgment—and, made me long for whatever Kerry Clare will write next. Fans of Emily Giffin and Curtis Sittenfeld take note: This is your next read.” —Marissa Stapley, bestselling author of The Last Resort

Brooke has long been caught in the orbit of Derek, a rising political superstar. First he was her boss, then they were friends and she became his confidant, the one person he shared everything with. And even though she had feelings for him–it was hard to resist; he’s charming and handsome, respected and beloved–she never dreamed he’d feel the same way. Derek is so much older and could have anyone he wanted.

But it turns out that who Derek wants is Brooke, and suddenly none of the reasons they shouldn’t be together matter. They fall in love. And even though Brooke has to keep the relationship a secret–stealing weekends away with him, late nights with takeout after long days at work, and business trips that are always a romantic whirlwind–being close to him and her dreams of their future make everything worth it.

Then it all falls apart, and Brooke is left holding the pieces of the life they’d shared. Derek becomes embroiled in a scandal–the kind Brooke never could have imagined he’d be involved in–and she is forced to re-examine their relationship and make sense of the man she loves.

Kerry Clare’s first novel, Mitzi Bytes, was called “entertaining, engaging and timely” by the Toronto Star, who also noted that it “heralds the arrival of a fantastic, fun new novelist on the Canadian scene.” She is editor of The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood, a National Magazine Award-nominated essayist, and editor of Canadian books website 49thShelf.com. She writes about books and reading at her popular blog, Pickle Me This and lives in Toronto with her family. Kerry is represented by Samantha Haywood.