Sarah Stusek has been in the film and television industry since she was five years old. After assisting Frank Rich (NY Times, HBO) for four years, Sarah has become a writer and producer in her own right. She has worked on hit programs like HBO’s, VEEP and Netflix’s House of Cards and has since started her own production company.

In addition to her production work, Sarah has been searching for a way to tell the story of her experiences as a child actress sent to a wilderness therapy program in Montana (by two people her parents hired to take her in the middle of the night!) for the past ten years. The result was THREE RIVERS, her debut young adult novel that she has also adapted for the screen and will be directing in 2021.


Stella is a normal teenager, besides the fact she grew up in  the spotlight as a child actor. When she takes things too far, her parents send her to Three Rivers Montana, an at-risk youth wilderness therapy program in the backcountry of Montana where she begins on a path of self-discovery in the middle of winter.

Sarah is represented by Brenna English-Loeb.