“Sheds welcome light on little-known aspects of the interaction of Indigenous peoples with politically dominant outsiders”Kirkus Reviews

“A voice we need so much right now.” — Jillian Horton, Author of We Are All Perfectly Fine

“Where Mamaskatch recounted [McLeod’s] early life, Peyakow recounts how he overcame those extraordinarily challenging circumstances to become a teacher, a treaty negotiator, a musician, a storyteller. While it’s personal and powerful, it resonates beyond McLeod and becomes a story about Canada’s Indigenous peoples.” — Toronto Star

“In Peyakow, McLeod boldly reconnects and reflects upon decades of lived experiences from familial, Cree traditional life of living off the land, to adult-private and professional (ultimately international) life dedicated to Indigenous rights and wellbeing. By reconnecting stories torn apart by poverty, tragic deaths, racism, homophobia and bureaucratic white privilege, McLeod performs a sacred act. When being asked to give an account of his international life at a rare family gathering, his beloved Mosom reflects: “You took our spirit to all those places —alone.” Alone is what was required.” – Betsy Warland, Author of Oscar of Between — A Memoir of Identity and Ideas

“Bravo! A job well done. You, my friend, are a very good writer.” – Tomson Highway