Actor and author Heidi von Palleske‘s TWO WHITE QUEENS AND THE ONE-EYED JACK publishes tomorrow, 2/9, from Dundurn Press and is getting lots of buzz, as well as an incredible endorsement from John Irving!

“A life-changing childhood accident, one that is formative of the adult lives to follow, is a testimony to D.H. Lawrence’s view of the novel as ‘the highest complex of subtle interrelatedness.’  How the characters in this story are interconnected is a marvel of storytelling.  This is a novel about the calamitous changes in history, in both personal and national history.”

– John Irving

Heidi was recently profiled in Quill and Quire and her book was selected by Canadian library staff as one of the Top 10 Loan Stars Book Picks.


Fate, circumstance, and the symbolism of sight collide in this modern gothic novel.

On a hot June day in 1965, two six-year-old boys, Gareth and Jack, compete to see who can climb higher up a tree. When Jack falls and loses his eye on a thorn bush, the accident sets off a series of events that will bind the boys together for the rest of their lives.

When the best friends meet albino twins Clara and Blanca, a shared fate unfolds. With Gareth and Jack’s help, the twins are able to reclaim their lives and leave their nightmarish past behind them.

From the shores of Lake Ontario to the hustle of Berlin, from the art of oculary to punk opera, this is a story of dark secrets, suppressed desires, forgiveness, and love.

Heidi is represented by Rob Firing.