North American English and French Rights to Black and White: An Intimate, Multicultural Take on “White Advantage” and the Paths to Change, the debut book by community leader and citizen activist Stephen Dorsey, have been acquired by Nimbus Publishing Managing Editor Whitney Moran. Focusing on the issue of anti-Black, systemic racism in Canada, Dorsey delves deep into Canada’s history of racial discrimination and debunks our nation’s mythological narrative, providing necessary context on white privilege, which he calls “white advantage,” and the differences between not being racist and being anti-racist. Straddling Black and white, English and French Canada, Black and White offers an unfiltered look into some of the dark chapters of Dorsey’s life, including his formative years growing up Black in a white family headed by a racist stepfather, and details his personal awakening inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, providing personal insight on the broader issues being examined. The English edition will release in January 2022, and the French edition in February 2022. The deal was arranged by Samantha Haywood for Transatlantic Agency.