A Southern California native, R. Renee Hess works in community engagement for La Sierra University, is an adjunct professor of writing, and recently launched a nonprofit organization, the Black Girl Hockey Club, that focuses on equity and inclusion for Black women in ice hockey. Renee studied writing and literature at La Sierra University and has had nonfiction works and poetry published by outlets such as Black Nerd Problems, Spectrum Magazine, and Racebaitr.

As an advocate and leader in the hockey community, Renee’s experiences have led her to explore the topics of race, community and sports in her upcoming nonfiction book that examines multiple aspects of hockey culture through the lenses of intersectional feminism and social justice.

Renee is a fan of being a fan and loves traveling to hockey games, listening to music that makes her cry, and hanging out in the sunshine with her family. Her most memorable moment as a writer includes interviewing Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura, “Star Trek: The Original Series”) at WonderCon and then telling her mother about it.

Renee is represented by Brenna English-Loeb and Evan Brown.