THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON STEREOTYPES: HOW SCIENCE IS TACKLING UNCONSCIOUS BIAS by Tanya Lloyd Kyi (Kids Can Press) has been shortlisted for the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Book Award! This award was established to honor outstanding contributions to science writing. The winner will be announced virtually in June.

An essential overview of the science behind stereotypes, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON STEREOTYPES explores why our brains form them to how recognizing them can help us be less biased.From the time we’re babies, our brains constantly sort and label the world around us — a skill that’s crucial for our survival. But, as adolescents are all too aware, there’s a tremendous downside: when we do this to groups of people it can cause great harm. Here’s a comprehensive introduction to the science behind stereotypes that will help young people make sense of why we classify people, and how we can change our thinking. It covers the history of identifying stereotypes, secret biases in our brains, and how stereotypes affect our sense of self. Most importantly, it covers current research into how science can help us overcome our biases, offering hope for a future where stereotypes are less prevalent and the world is more fair for everyone.

Tanya Lloyd Kyi writes both fiction and nonfiction on topics related to science, pop culture, social history — or a combination of the three. Her recent books include Under Pressure, Prince of Pot, and Mya’s Strategy to Save the World. Tanya lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her family. Tanya is represented by Amy Tompkins.

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