We’re so thrilled to introduce the three newest additions to the Transatlantic team, our Summer 2021 interns: Liz Velez, Chimedum Ohaegbu, and Chloe Sarrazin!

Liz Velez has taught the humanities far and wide for the past 8 years–from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Alakamisy Ambohimaha, Madagascar, and back to Brooklyn, New York. While continuing their career in education, Liz attended New York University where they got their master’s degree in Humanities and Social Thought. Their work in publishing includes being an Editor for Ismo-Mag.com and participating in a mentorship at Transatlantic Agency. Liz hopes to pursue a career in publishing upon successful completion of the Columbia Publishing Course in the summer of 2021.

​​Chimedum Ohaegbu recently graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s degree in adoring hummingbirds (and an English literature/creative writing degree). She’s Uncanny Magazine’s managing and poetry editor, and her work is published or forthcoming in Arc Poetry Magazine​ ​and Fantasy & Science Fiction, among others. She loves insect facts but not insects, all birds but magpies especially, and videogame music. Learn more at chimedum.com.

Chloe Sarrazin is a recent graduate from Queen’s University with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. While at school, she worked for several online and print publications, including The Queen’s Journal, Her Campus, and Bookstr, where she exercised her love of grammar and the written word. She has since returned to her small hometown in Connecticut and regularly enjoys morning yoga, London Fog lattes, and snuggling with her cat.