Carlos Alonzo Morales is a Mexican-Canadian novelist, screenwriter, and academic. A self-described “indoor kid” from the beginning, he found himself drawn to literature, films and video games far more than to other people. It wasn’t until he was seventeen that he received his autism diagnosis, finally explaining both his tendencies and his struggles. Since then, he obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature from Brock University, by writing his Master’s thesis on the Mass Effect trilogy. His creative projects in prose and screenwriting represent a wide variety of genres including sci-fi, space opera, fantasy, horror, thrillers, the Gothic, and Westerns. His sci-fi novels in particular are driven by a desire to see more Latino protagonists in genre fiction.

Besides his creative work, Carlos is also a contributing writer for, where he regularly analyzes film. When he’s not writing, he can commonly be found watching movies, discussing superheroes, and spending way too much time on Twitter.

Carlos is represented by Léonicka Valcius.