We’re delighted to welcome Marko Pešić to Transatlantic!

Marko is a young prolific novelist from Belgrade, Serbia. His bestselling debut novel, Ivica Vode, has been nominated for Book of the Year and the NIN Literary Award, among others. Pešić’s fiction counterposes magical realism with the banal logic of everyday life, colored by his upbringing in a country plagued with civil unrest. He holds an MA in Economics, and works in regulatory impact assessment and policy analysis. He has been engaged in the public sector as a civil servant and expert advisor of the government, and has also worked as a professional consultant for various international organizations.

Ivica Vode was published in Serbia by Nova Poetika in spring of 2020, and a second edition is forthcoming in the fall. The novel has been translated into English by the author himself.

Marko is represented by Devon Halliday.