Photo credit: Jane Thomson Photography

English-language rights in North America to Holden: A Truth and a Fiction, an extraordinary hybrid memoir by Tara McGuire, in which she melds truth and fiction, to grapple with the loss of her son, Holden, after he died from an accidental opioid overdose have been sold to Arsenal Pulp Press. At once, McGuire creates a contemporary coming-of-age story, along with a devastatingly thorough depiction of a mother’s grief.  With heroic honesty and searing insight, McGuire opens her heart for readers to accompany her as she tries to reconcile with the unthinkable. In a stylish blend of fiction and fact, as McGuire listens to Holden’s voice after he dies, she recounts and imagines what led Holden to his tragic end, and creates ways to honour Holden’s life. Deal arranged by Marilyn Biderman.