On behalf of Page Two Books, Transatlantic Agency is thrilled to announce 15 new rights deals, sold recently across 13 international territories! Page Two is represented by Evan Brown. Contact evan@transatlanticagency.com.

Simplified Chinese rights to Margot Bloomstein’s TRUSTWORTHY sold to Cheers, in a pre-empt, in association with Jennifer Lee at The Grayhawk Agency.

Korean rights to Tamsen Webster’s FIND YOUR RED THREAD sold to Hyundae Jisung in association with Alice Moon at Danny Hong Agency.

Hungarian rights to Michael Bungay Stanier’s THE ADVICE TRAP sold to HVG Kiado in association with Orsi Mészáros at Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents.

Romanian rights to Allan Dib’s THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN sold to Business Tech International in association with Andreea Focsaneanu at Simona Kessler Agency.

German rights to Joey Remenyi’s ROCK STEADY sold to Narayana Verlag in association with Hannah Nuspliger-Fosh at Liepman AG Literary Agency.

Portuguese (Brazil) rights to Jeff Booth’s THE PRICE OF TOMORROW sold to The Sovereign Individual in association with Júlia Garrigós at The Foreign Office.

Vietnamese rights to Melanie Deziel’s THE CONTENT FUEL FRAMEWORK sold to Saigon Books in association with Itszel Hsu at The Grayhawk Agency.

German rights to Eric Siu’s LEVELING UP sold to MVG Verlag in association with Hannah Nuspliger-Fosh at Liepman AG Literary Agency.

French rights to Hannah Beach and Tamara Neufeld Strijack’s RECLAIMING OUR STUDENTS sold to Editions Au Carré in association with Megan Husain at Anna Jarota Agency.

Bulgarian rights to Brant Menswar’s BLACK SHEEP sold to Locus Publishing House in association with Mira Droumeva at A.N.A. Sofia Ltd.

Czech rights to Clint Pulver’s I LOVE IT HERE sold to Grada Publishing in association with Kristin Olson at Kristin Olson Literary Agency.

Ukrainian rights to Deborah MacNamara’s THE SORRY PLANE sold to Galyna Lutsenko at Smaki Publishing.

Greek rights to Komal Singh’s ARA THE DREAM INNOVATOR sold to Klidarithmos in association with John L. Moukakos at JLM Literary Agency, Turkish rights sold to Dogan Egmont in association with Nazlıcan Kabataş at Kalem Agency.

Turkish rights to Komal Singh’s ARA THE STAR ENGINEER sold to Dogan Egmont in association with Nazlıcan Kabataş at Kalem Agency.