Original publication, English UK, Oct 2020; Translation rights available ex: Polish

Charles Dowding has spent years becoming an overnight success and is a quickly rising star in the field of organic gardening. Interest in his NO DIG methods has grown rapidly during the recent home garden revolution, now making him one of the most trusted gardening gurus online. Charles’ approach to leaving the soil intact and layering on organic compost and no fertilizer always results in more food in less time with fewer weeds. His popular videos on these topics are instructive and motivating, but the process is more fully detailed and explained in his book, NO DIG GARDENING, which has sold over 20,000 copies since its release in late 2020.

The book is an inspiring and practical step-by-step guide through the NO DIG gardening methods Charles has cultivated in his own home and market gardens with terrific success, minimal effort — and, perhaps we’ve already mentioned this — no digging!

Transatlantic is pleased to represent the translation rights to NO DIG GARDENING and its accompanying perpetual garden planner, and pleased to assist Charles in his mission to help new and experienced gardeners around the world discover the many benefits of putting down the shovel and leaving the soil intact.

Charles in his garden in Somerset, Southwest, England

Charles teaches live and virtual workshops from Homeacres Garden in Somerset England and also lectures across Europe. He has received numerous national and media awards for his work, including “Gardening Influencer of the Year.” His videos are viewed by millions each month and his growing YouTube subscription is within days of reaching the half-million mark. Charles’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts regularly reach over 350,000 followers, offering translation to Chinese and Japanese, and subtitling in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, Hindi, and Polish.

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