“One shouldn’t for a moment think of this as a simple book. Longtime journalist MacIntyre … writes with an easy command of both the external world — including international crimes, criminal investigation, the law, and degenerative cognitive diseases — and the internal world of complex and frequently conflicted characters. “The Winter Wives” [is] a powerful, thought-provoking read.” –Robert J. Wiersma, Toronto Star

“Like all the other characters in this novel, the reader is drawn into the wake of the enigmatic, Gatsby-like Allan Chase. Poignant, funny, at times shocking, The Winter Wives is a story about the hazards of memory, with a cracking great mystery at its heart.” — Gil Adamson, award-winning author of Ridgerunner and The Outlander

“The Winter Wives tells a deceptively quiet story about friendship and secrets, which gradually reveals itself to be a gorgeous meditation on whether we can ever truly know the people we’ve loved the longest and the most.” – Lynn Coady, Scotiabank Giller Prize winning author of Hellgoing and The Antagonist

“Taut and absorbing, The Winter Wives is a layered story of love, deceit, friendship and identity. It is also a new kind of thriller, where dementia raises its head, and memory itself becomes a sly antagonist. Byron must navigate not only life-long romance and betrayal—but the hard knot that is his own complex mind. What an elegant and fascinating book! I couldn’t put it down.” – Shaena Lambert, award-winning author of Petra and Radiance