Photo credit: Willa Haeseler

Holly Haeseler is a thriller writer born in Miami and raised in the suburbs of Clearwater, Florida, where she learned a love for the sea… and the state’s robust insect and reptile populations. She has been telling stories – often to herself – her whole life, and with a penchant for imagining worst-case scenarios, those stories often lean dark.

She graduated from Stetson College of Law as a member of the school’s elite Trial Team and studied International Finance and Emerging Markets abroad in Tallinn, Estonia – a country with one of the most successful democratic transitions out of communism in recent decades. In New York, she worked at Goldman Sachs and as a prosecutor in Queens (the most linguistically diverse place on Earth), where she enjoyed helping victims of crime – many of them immigrants.  

A fascination with nature and food led her on several immersive culinary adventures hosted by chefs known for their literal application of field-to-table – in particular, the hunting and butchering of wild game. These experiences were the impetus for her debut novel. 

Having settled on the west coast, she enjoys snorkeling, hiking and animal photography, but everything pales in comparison to keeping bees. As a Journey-level graduate of UC Davis’ California Master Beekeekeeper program, she serves on the board of her local beekeeping society – the only place she can talk bees with people who will actually listen.

Holly lives in America’s Finest Citywith her husband, two cats, and three teens, who are indoctrinating her into the virtues of TikTok. You can find out more about her at  

Holly is represented by Carolyn Forde.