Happy book birthday to SISTERS OF THE WOLF by Patricia Miller-Schroeder, out now from Dundurn Press!

With two strong female protagonists, Miller-Schroeder has created an enthralling glimpse into a long-vanished world that keeps readers engaged from the first page. Recommended for all adventure fans. ― School Library Journal

The action in this fast-paced survival story moves quickly as the girls come across one fearful predator and pitfall after another, and the novel is sure to pique an interest in prehistoric people and places. ― Kirkus Reviews

Sisters of the Wolf contains action and adventure, a unique historical setting and a story about strong women and girls, and so there is something to suit every taste in the intermediate age group. Recommended. ― CM: Canadian Review of Materials

The strong girl-power in this vibrant storytelling about friendship and trust across racial and species boundaries is even more compelling with its prehistoric setting. Intriguing and fast-paced, this adventure with its strong characters and vivid details of a long-ago time and place keep a reader captivated right to the satisfying end. ― Judith Silverthorne, award-winning author of Convictions

An absorbing introduction for younger readers, Miller-Schroeder’s story explores the fascinating world of 40,000 years ago, when humans of many sorts were forging new relationships with each other, and with the animals around them. ― Rebecca Wragg Sykes, archaeologist and award-winning author of Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art

An atmospheric and suspenseful tale that will take young readers back to prehistoric times. ― Alisha Sevigny, author of the Secrets of the Sands series

What an enjoyable and inspiring read for junior readers with an original setting. Lots of problem-solving and girl power, with clean, suitable content. I feel this easy-to-read tale of two girls from different backgrounds will be very appealing to 10- to 14-year-olds and I will certainly be buying it for our school library once published. ― Caroline L., Librarian at St Joseph’s College Mildura

This book demonstrates what true teamwork and trust are all about [and] proves that anyone can work together and achieve all obstacles no matter if they are friends or enemies … An enticing and adventurous read that will teach many life lessons along the way. ― Meghan S., Librarian at Lackawanna Public Library

This was a great book. It reminds me of Children of the Dawnland by W Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear. The story uses information gathered by archeologists and weaves it into an intriguing tale. I enjoyed the relationships with other peoples and the animals they encountered, [and] the female heroes and their friendship. ― Tracey M., Librarian at Gates Public Library

Sisters of the Wolf is a fun, action-packed story. It is well-written and well-researched. I recommend to any young reader looking for a new and unique read. ― Judy B., Librarian at East Muskingum Middle School

The hardships, lifestyle, and priorities slide in to form a rich environment, and it’s clear that the girls both have different ways of seeing life, not only compared with each other, but with early teens today. ― Bookworm for Kids

Sisters of the Wolf is a fine accomplishment, highly educational, and the kind of adventure that was only written about boys in the past. Be strong, sisters! ― Fresh Fiction

Can two Ice Age teens separated from their tribes overcome their differences to outwit their pursuer and survive the unforgiving wilds?

The climate is changing, game is disappearing, and two peoples of the Ice Age compete for survival in a savage world. Keena, from a powerful band of Neanderthals, and Shinoni, daughter of a Cro-Magnon shaman, are torn from their families by Haken, a ruthless hunter. The girls dislike each other but soon discover they need one another to survive. Together they escape but are pursued by Haken across an Ice Age landscape rumbling with advancing glaciers and teeming with mighty predators.

As Shinoni and Keena work to overcome disaster at every turn, they are joined by Tewa, a powerful she-wolf who becomes their guardian and spirit guide. Can their growing friendship overcome cultural, racial, and even species differences? Will they ever be able to get back to their families? Only the spirits know.

Patricia Miller-Schroeder has a master’s degree in biological anthropology and has written seventeen children’s books on nature, the environment, and science. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. Patricia is represented by Amy Tompkins.