“With this stellar debut, de Cadenet thoughtfully explores the complexities of interracial dating and the impact of mental health on relationships. When Black app developer Vanessa Noble walks into white, Algerian-French-American Khalil Sarda’s Detroit barbershop looking for a shape-up, neither is ready for the instant connection or lingering attraction that arises between them. Khalil’s been off his dating game while dealing with mental health issues and doesn’t know if he’s ready to get back out there, while Vanessa’s sworn off dating white guys following a string of misfires with men who performed wokeness but still committed microaggressions and othered her. Despite their doubts, Vanessa and Khalil’s friendship slowly develops into a romance born of mutual desire and clear communication. Their bond is put to the test, however, when Khalil’s depression flares up again and he pushes Vanessa away. If they want to weather the bad times as well as the good, they’ll both have to decide what’s truly important. De Cadenet sensitively tackles some heavy subject matter, which will hit close to home for some readers, but she never loses sight of the romance. Khalil and Vanessa set a high standard for couples with their patience, support, and respect for one another—combined with sizzling chemistry. The result is a thoroughly satisfying love story with a big, beating heart.” -Publishers Weekly

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Gia de Cadenet is a business school professor, former translator and editor for UNESCO. A native Floridian, she took her first French class at age seven and fell in love with the language. After achieving her dream job in politics, her desire to live in France became too great to ignore. She put her professional life on hold for two years to get a master’s degree in international relations in Paris. But a few short weeks after arrival, she bumped into a red-headed Frenchman and her fate was sealed.

A decade later, Gia got serious about another big dream: becoming a published author. Her first manuscript, a contemporary romance titled NOT THE PLAN, was showcased in the 2017 PitchWars mentorship program. She’s enthusiastic about her upcoming projects which focus on the impact of mental health and race on the expectations we have of ourselves and on the way we love.

Gia is jointly represented by Léonicka Valcius and Samantha Haywood.