Rachael Moorthy’s RIVER MEETS THE SEA follows the different timelines of a foster child in 1940s Vancouver and an Afro-Sri Lankan immigrant in the suburbs of Nanaimo in the 1970s. The novel traces the seemingly separate lives of these spirited young men and their ever-elusive connection to water until they inevitably cross paths, revealing rich, lesser-known Canadian histories along the way. World rights to Shirarose Wilensky at House of Anansi, deal by Chelene Knight.

Film/TV Rights Chelene@transatlanticagency.com

Rachael Moorthy’s fiction has been published in, or is forthcoming, in publications such as PRISM International, SAD Magazine, Revue Zinc, Una Terra, This Side of West, The Malahat Review, and Young Writers of Canada. Rachael was recently shortlisted for the 2020 Far Horizons Award for Poetry, and also works as a script editor and screenwriter for the independent film company Size 8 Studio in Vancouver. Rachael completed a Bachelor’s of Writing at the University of Victoria in 2015, where she specialized in Fiction, Poetry, and Screenwriting. In 2017, she went on to complete a Bachelor’s of Education with a focus on Indigenous Perspectives and Environmental Education. Rachael is represented by Chelene Knight.