We are excited to congratulate Heather Alexander on not one, but three new releases all on the same day! PITCH PARTNERS: EAT BUGS from Penguin Workshop, ONLY IN AMERICA!: THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL 50 STATES from Quarto Kids, and A CHILD’S GUIDE TO THE NUTCRACKER from Black Dog and Leventhal—all released on the same day last week: Tuesday, November 9!

PITCH PARTNERS: EAT BUGS is the second book in the sensational series inspired by the true story of two friends who landed a deal on Shark Tank. After snagging second place at their school’s startup pitch competition, Hallie and Jaye are confident that their edible bug business is the food of the future. Now their ultimate goal is to get Chirps chips—tortilla chips made with cricket powder—on every grocery store shelf. First, they get to move on to the county pitch competition to try and win tickets to New York City to compete in the next round. But there are a few bumps along the way, with their cricket supply shrinking, no kitchen to cook in, and trouble brewing between the two teammates. Can they clinch first place, or will their business go bust before it really begins?

ONLY IN AMERICA! explores the strangest claims to fame and the most unusual place names every state has to offer. Visit the city of Dinosaur, drop by the Pizza Museum, find out where it is illegal to feed a pig without a permit, and check out the world’s only “carhenge” (that’s right, Stonehenge reconstructed using cars). Among many other marvels, discover:

  • The longest gum wrapper chain (over 20 miles!)
  • Which state has the highest ratio of cows to humans in the country
  • The origin of shoo-fly pie, a molasses cake baked in a pie crust
  • The world’s largest (fake) bug, a 58-foot blue termite
  • Where “dinner” means lunch and “supper” means dinner

Illustrated by the brilliant Alan Berry-Rhys in a bold graphic art style that evokes vintage Americana, the book is arranged state by state, giving key facts about each and presenting an alternative and hilarious look at quirky phenomena that are truly only in America.

In A CHILD’S INTRODUCTION TO THE NUTCRACKER, ballet enthusiasts of all ages will delight in the magical story of The Nutcracker and the magnificent ballet it inspired in this enchanted book packed with colorful illustrations, fun facts, history, music, and the love of dance. Whether The Nutcracker is your first ballet experience or you’re already a master dancer, everything you love and want to know about this special, sugar-spun, snow-dusted ballet can be found in these delightful pages. Follow The Nutcracker as it makes its way from page to stage to become the world’s most popular holiday ballet. Learn all about the dazzling steps, spins, and jumps choreographed by Petipa, Ivanov, and Balanchine, and meet the famed composer Tchaikovsky. Special sections highlight some of the most famous dancers and companies that have brought the performance and the magic of this ballet to life.

Heather Alexander is the author of numerous books for children, both fiction and nonfiction. Her fiction series include Wallace and Grace Take the Case and The Amazing Stardust Friends, and her nonfiction series include Life of Earth and A Child’s Introduction to . . . The former editorial director of Parachute Press, Heather has edited over 100 children’s fiction series, including the best-selling Goosebumps. She currently works as a children’s book editor and lives in Los Angeles. Heather is represented by Elizabeth Bennett.