Transatlantic Agency is excited to announce 23 new international rights deals in 20 territories, sold on behalf of Page Two Books. Page Two is represented by Evan Brown,

Audio rights to Tamsen Webster’s FIND YOUR RED THREAD sold to Aaron Piccirillo at Tantor Media. India English rights sold to Saranya Kumar at Most Loving Group. Japanese rights sold to Direct Publishing in association with Megumi Sakai at Japan UNI Agency. Czech rights sold to Grada in association with Kirstin Olson at Kristin Olson Literary Agency. Chinese (Simplified) rights sold to Cheers in association with Jennifer Lee at the Grayhawk Agency.

Lithuanian rights to Michael Bungay Stanier’s THE COACHING HABIT sold to Rugile Ridzeviciute at Bigbooktalk. Arabic rights sold to Lubaba Al-Lahham at Dar Al-Fikr.

Uzbek rights to Allan Dib’s THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN sold to Orifa Gulomova at Asaxiybooks, Hindi Telugu (India) rights sold to Saranya Kumar Alapati at Most Loving Group.

Ukrainian rights to Hannah Beach and Tamara Neufeld Strijack’s RECLAIMING OUR STUDENTS sold to Galyna Lutsenko at Smaki.

Korean rights to Andrew Hallam’s BALANCE sold to Hanall M&C, at auction, in association with Yen Kim at Danny Hong Agency.

Arabic rights to Dr. Bill Howatt’s THE CURE FOR LONELINESS sold to Iraqi Bookish. Polish rights sold to Muza in association with Martyna Kowalewska at Book/lab Literary Agency.

Arabic rights to Leslie Ehm’s SWAGGER sold to Iraqi Bookish. Russia rights sold to Portal in association with Katya Ilina at The Van Lear Agency.

Dutch and Finnish rights to Jeff Booth’s THE PRICE OF TOMORROW sold to Konsensus Network in association with Diana Gvozden at Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency.

Spanish rights to Clint Pulver’s I LOVE IT HERE sold to V&R Editoras in association with Júlia Garrigós at The Foreign Office.

Chinese (Complex) rights to David Ash’s SIMPLE WEALTH sold to Babel and Chinese (Simplified) rights sold to Beijing Jie Teng in association with Jennifer Lee at The Grayhawk Agency.

Romanian rights to Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe’s CALM WITHIN THE STORM sold to Editura Niculescu in association with Andreea Focsaneanu at Simona Kessler International Copyright Agency. Bulgarian rights sold to Kragozor Publishing House in association with Mira Droumeva at A.N.A. Sofia.

Hebrew rights to Trevor Currie’s MOVE THE ROOM sold to Steimatzky-Tchelet in association with Beverley Levit at The Israeli Association of Book Publishers.