Eden Boudreau’s debut memoir ‘CRYING WOLF’ (Book*Hug Press, 2022) is described as part memoir, part call to action that follows her difficult recovery after a violent sexual assault and disbelievers at every turn, due in part to her polyamorous marriage and bisexuality. 

She lives in Georgina, Ontario with her husband, three sons and menagerie of pets, where she is writing her next book – ‘PRETTY FOR A FAT GIRL’, an upmarket women’s fiction novel that follows Ellie, an aspiring food critic who navigates her own onslaught of criticisms everyday about her bigger body and desire to find someone who loves every pound of her, not in spite of it.

Originally from Halifax, NS, Eden has struggled with mental health her whole life, particularly during the pandemic and being separated from her east coast family. This, along with many conversations with other writers about their own journeys, inspired her to start a new show, ‘THE LONELY WRITER’S PODCAST’ that aims to give a big F-You to the stigma around the all too common mental, emotional and even physical struggles that come with the process of writing – before, during and even after the book deal.

Eden is represented by Samantha Haywood.