Transatlantic welcomes Crystal Allen, owner of Hello Creative Family, the go-to resource for simple, everyday, projects that inspire people to live a creative, handmade, homemade, heart-made life; and Cutting Machine Crafting, the online space where she collaborates with Cricut to create projects, promote new products, teach classes, educate Cricut users, and share her unabashed enthusiasm for Cricut cutting machines.

A published author, previous publishing professional, and certified culinary nutrition expert with TV training, Crystal is a skilled presenter, adept at sharing her craft and food ideas on TV and social media, and enjoys teaching craft and cooking classes whenever and wherever possible.

Having been raised by creative parents in their hand-built home in the woods of Washington State, Crystal is driven by first hand knowledge that when parents pursue their creative passions, kids do too. Crystal now resides in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, Rob; her daughter, Bella; son, Adam; and their two rescue dogs, Mochi and Marley.

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Crystal is represented by Sandra Bishop.