Illustrated by Robin Rosenthal

Authored by award winning children’s author Maureen McQuerry, BIG IDEAS FOR LITTLE ENVIRONMENTALISTS is a whimsical and boldly illustrated four title board book series for babies and toddlers that asks deep questions in a wonderfully accessible way to inspire conversations about what it means to be an environmentalist and how they can be one too.

RESTORATION with Wangari Maathai reveals the efforts one person can make when they see the solution to a big problem; Wangari inspired her local community, and then her country and the world to understand the value of restoring land by planting trees.
CONSERVATION with Jane Goodall raises questions about what animal habitats young children can care for in their own community, and how conservation work makes sure all people and animals have a healthy home.
PRESERVATION with Aldo Leopold excites young readers about the nature they have access to and how to help preserve wilderness areas.
In ECOSYSTEMS with Rachel Carson young children will see, through Rachel’s curiosity and passion for all creatures, that even seemingly small choices can have big consequences on the world around them.


Maureen McQuerry is an award winning children’s author, represented by Sandra Bishop.