Happy book birthday to THE TALES OF DWIPA by Prajwala Dixit and illustrated by Duncan Major, out now from Breakwater Books!

“In this charming collection of stories, Dixit has brought out the most endearing aspects of Indian folklore with a contemporary, Canadian flavour. For anyone familiar with the Panchatantra, The Tales of Dwipa are a nostalgic walk down memory lane . . . For kids not familiar with the Panchatantra, these stories serve not only as mirrors, but also as windows and sliding doors . . . through the heartwarming friendship of Mima, Neena, and Lok. Gorgeous illustrations by Major add another layer . . . A fantastic addition to any bookshelf, at home or in the classroom!”
— Mahtab Narsimhan ― award-winning children’s author

“The Tales of Dwipa is a celebration of the best kinds of story—those full of wisdom and humour, animals that speak, and fantastical landscapes that are lush and earthy underfoot. Scary things happen on the isle of Dwipa, but Prajwala Dixit’s wide array of characters prevail against the odds by showing compassion, by their wily wits and—yes!—by loving each other. These stories are as swift as the mighty river Nadi, which winds its way through these tales, and as deep and lofty as the roots and wide-spreading branches of a banyan tree named Mara who presides over the forest, as charming as a convivial vole who orchestrates the escape of a herd of endangered caribou, and as strong and brave as Mima—a young girl with a giant love of adventure, of tales, and of all her wild, magical friends. Duncan Major’s illustrations are elegant, evocative, and enchanting—here is a storybook about belonging, alive with imagination.”
— Lisa Moore ― author of Flannery

Through a framework of traditional tales, fantastic creatures struggle with issues of marginalization, opening discussion for parents and children in an accessible form.

The Tales Of Dwipa is a collection of short stories adapted from the Panchatantra, a collection of simple, engaging, and interrelated animal tales penned by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in the hopes of awakening the dim intelligence of a powerful Indian king’s idle sons. The ancient stories of the Panchatantra still find meaning in today’s world despite originating in India before 300 BCE. These stories are set in a Canadian context with topical themes, bringing together two distinct cultures—Indian and Canadian—for the most impressionable minds of our society.

Prajwala Dixit, a journalist/columnist, playwright, documentary filmmaker and author is an award-winning community catalyst. With bylines in CBC, SaltWire Network and the Globe and Mail, she’s had creative pieces featured in respected publications such as the Newfoundland Quarterly. Her annual fundraiser, Diyas for Diversity, highlights diversity within the public libraries of Newfoundland and Labrador. A mother, wife, and daughter, she makes sure to catch up on Hindi cinema when she has a free minute! Prajwala is represented by Amy Tompkins.