LIA AND BECKETT’S ABRACADABRA by Amy Noelle Parks has received a starred review in Kirkus!

“Two teens from rival families fall for each other during a stage-magic competition.

Seventeen-year-old Lia Sawyer has just dumped her latest short-lived boyfriend when her eccentric Grandma Matilda, who has been missing, invites her and her older sister, Emma, to compete in a summerlong contest in Mirror Lake, Wisconsin, a lakefront resort town known for its magic shows and as the headquarters of the Society of American Conjurers. Her first day there, Lia has a meet-cute with Beckett Blackwell, the handsome, college-bound grandson of Henry Blackwell, a legendary local magician who’s also Matilda’s first husband and former stage partner. Despite their instant chemistry, the two must balance their attraction with their individual desires to win. The romance sizzles with slow-burn longing. The story also explores the sexist nature of the male-dominated magic industry that historically relegated women to being glamorously outfitted assistants in ways that will be interesting even to those unfamiliar with the culture of this community. Lia is a clever and delightful protagonist, and Beckett is a brooding and selfless love interest. The author crafts captivating descriptions of the various magic acts and ensures that even the supporting characters have fleshed-out storylines. Most characters are White; Beckett’s mother is from India.

An enchanting enemies-to-lovers romance. (Romance. 12-18)” –Kirkus Reviews

LIA AND BECKETT’S ABRACADABRA will be released on July 22, 2022 from Abrams.

Amy Noelle Parks is represented by Elizabeth Bennett.