Happy book birthday to WHERE DO YOUR FEELINGS LIVE? by Catherine Hernandez and illustrated by Myriam Cherry, out today from HarperCollins!

A picture book about how we can show love to difficult feelings, from the acclaimed author of M Is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book and I Promise

When you’re someplace unfamiliar

How do you feel?

Does your feeling live in your tummy where strange creatures roam in fields of prickly grass?

Does it want to burrow its head deep in the sand where no one can find it?

In Catherine Hernandez’s new picture book, young readers are encouraged to show compassion to themselves, their families and their communities, and to imagine where inside themselves they keep their feelings.

Championing young people for weathering the storms of their many emotions and trying their best, Where Do Your Feelings Live? is a gentle celebration of all the tricky feelings that make us who we are. This buoyant and touching text is brought vibrantly to life by illustrations from Quebec artist Myriam Chery.

Catherine Hernandez (she/her) is an award-winning author and critically acclaimed screenwriter. Her novels include Crosshairs, which was a finalist for the Toronto Book Award, and Scarborough, which was made into an award-winning feature film, was a winner of the Jim Wong-Chu Award and was a finalist for the Toronto Book Award, the Evergreen Forest of Reading Award, the Edmund White Award and the Trillium Book Award. It was also longlisted for Canada Reads. Her other work includes the plays Singkil and Kilt Pins, as well as the children’s books M Is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book and I Promise. Catherine Hernandez lives in Toronto. Catherine is represented by Marilyn Biderman.