Tara MacLean returns to the world stage with the heartbreaking and inspiring story of her life with her debut memoir Song of the Sparrow, and the accompanying soundtrack, Sparrow, to prove it. Her memoir, out with HarperCollins, and the album, will be released on March 14, 2023. A daring, heartbreaking and provocative memoir told with the same raw, open and elegant poetry that Tara’s fans have come to expect, Song of the Sparrow reveals Tara’s remarkable strength, the healing power of music, and how a song and a wide open heart were the best weapons for fighting monsters.

“It has been a great privilege to work with Tara MacLean on this incredibly moving and engrossing memoir. Tara’s gifts are present on every page, where her beautiful light shines in even the darkest times. Those who have long admired her as a musician will be awed and inspired by her strength and by the woman she is today. I can’t wait for readers to experience her story and the accompanying album,” says Jennifer Lambert, editor in chief at HarperCollins Canada.

“Tara’s Song of the Sparrow is an honest insight into her life and how her creative process has allowed her to not only survive, but soar!”
— Bryan Adams

“Wise and heart breaking. Tara MacLean writes with tender fierceness about triumphs, horrors, love and upheavals through the lens of an awakened heart. Her alchemical prose elevates the personal to the universal in a way that left me both sobbing and laughing in turn. This book is medicine. Song of the Sparrow is what the world needs now — a map back to the home of the heart. If it were up to me, these pages would be dropped from the skies so everyone could read it.”  — Lisa Ray

Tara is represented by Carolyn Forde.