Transatlantic Agency is thrilled to share the latest rights news on behalf of Page Two Books, including 13 new deals across eleven international territories! Page Two is represented by Evan Brown,

Greek rights to Phil M. Jones and Paul M. Caffrey’s THE WORK BEFORE THE WORK sold to Klidarithmos Publications in association with John L. Moukakos at JLM Agency.

Hungarian rights to Jeff Booth’s THE PRICE OF TOMORROW sold to Scolar Kiadó in association with Orsi Mészáros at Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents, French rights sold to Konsensus Network in association with Marie-France Heinic at Anna Jarota Agency.

Korean rights to Haesun Moon’s COACHING A TO Z sold to Pymate in association with Maddie Hong at the Danny Hong Agency, Japanese rights sold to Discover 21 in association with Fumika Ogihara at Tuttle-Mori Agency, Hungarian rights sold to Solutionsurfers in association with Peter Bolza at Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents.

Korean rights to Sandy Gerber’s EMOTIONAL MAGNETISM sold to BooksnDigital in association with Maddie Hong at the Danny Hong Agency.

Chinese (Simplified) rights to Geoffrey Cann and Ryan Cann’s CARBON, CAPITAL, AND THE CLOUD sold to Petroleum Industry Press in association with Yichan Peng at The Grayhawk Agency.

Chinese (Complex) rights to Andrew Hallam’s BALANCE sold to Come Together Press in association with Jennifer Lee at The Grayhawk Agency.

Italian rights to Tamsen Webster’s FIND YOUR RED THREAD sold to Roi Edizioni in association with Chiara Fumagalli at Berla & Griffini Rights Agency.

Ukrainian rights to Heather Chauvin’s DYING TO BE A GOOD MOTHER sold to Galyna Lutsenko at Smaki.

Arabic rights to April Dunford’s OBVIOUSLY AWESOME sold to Rami Abu Slayyeh at Jabal Amman Publishers.

And Audio rights to Shari Eberts’ and Gael Hannan’s HEAR & BEYOND sold to Tantor Media.


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