Documentary rights to FIREBRAND by Joshua Knelman, an addictive, behind-the-scenes globe-trotting narrative of moral ambiguity, law, public policy, and big tobacco for fans of BAD BLOOD and THE CORPORATION, optioned by Diana Golts at Banger Films in a deal arranged by Samantha Haywood and Laura Cameron of Transatlantic Agency. Knelman will be engaged as a writer on the production.

 You’ll inhale this tell-all book about the tobacco industry and never look at a No Smoking sign the same way again!

—Margaret Atwood

“This is storytelling at its best. Wry observation, compelling narrative, fascinating characters, page-turning writing, and an age-old question driving it all: how is it that those who profit from harm get away with it, even when everyone knows what they are up to? Illusion is the answer, says Joshua Knelman – the craft of its practitioners, and the ready acceptance of its targets. That is Firebrand’s story about big tobacco. It is as thrilling for its revelations as it is sobering for its conclusions.”

—Joel Bakan, The New Corporation: How ‘Good’ Corporations are Bad for Democracy