Transatlantic Agency is absolutely delighted to announce the latest international rights sales on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly! D&Q is repped by Evan Brown and Samantha Haywood.

Spanish rights to New York Times bestselling author Kate Beaton’s DUCKS: Two Years in the Oil Sands sold to Arnau Paris at Norma Editorial, Italian rights sold to Michele Foschini at BAO Publishing. 

Italian rights to Tom Gauld’s REVENGE OF THE LIBRARIANS sold to Valeria Muta at Mondadori Oscar Ink, German rights sold to Julia Marti at Edition Moderne, and Portuguese (Brazil) rights sold to Todavia, at auction, in association with Júlia Garrigós at The Foreign Office.

French rights to Emma Grove’s THE THIRD PERSON sold to Vincent Bernière at Editions Delcourt.

Spanish rights to Julie Doucet’s TIME ZONE J sold to Joana Carro and César Sánchez at Fulgencio Pimentel.

French rights to Lynda Barry’s Ernie Pook Comeek collection COME OVER COME OVER, MY PERFECT LIFE, and IT’S SO MAGIC sold to Serge Ewenczyk at Éditions çà et là. 

Portuguese (Brazil) rights to Seth’s GEORGE SPROTT and CLYDE FANS sold to Editora Mino in association with Júlia Garrigós at the Foreign Office.