Transatlantic Agency stands in support of the HCP Union strike action as they fight for a fair contract at HarperCollins. The cause of labor is the cause of all working people, no matter their industry or profession. We believe that all workers are entitled to fair compensation and labor conditions and we hope for a quick and equitable resolution to this issue.

Transatlantic Agency is coordinating closely with our clients to determine how we can best respect the HCP Union’s picket line, bolster their cause, and encourage the leadership of HarperCollins to negotiate in good faith and seek a swift resolution. We encourage others to become knowledgeable about the circumstances of the strike and to understand that there may be some delays in business operations while the strike is ongoing. 

As an agency, we wish to work with a thriving HarperCollins that continues its long tradition of publishing critically important and commercially successful literature long into the future. We believe such a future is only possible when the dignity of each HarperCollins employee’s work is respected according to the terms of a fair contract. 

Some of our agents have made a commitment to donate to the Strike Fund. To learn more about the strike efforts or to donate to the strike fund, please visit: