Called a “fresh and propulsive novel” Kai Thomas’s IN THE UPPER COUNTRY is Editor’s Choice by The New York Times in a Collection of Debut Novels that highlight overlooked black history!!

“Thomas uses evocative detail and immersive description to explore slavery in Canada, a country that has been mythologized as an escape from the institution. As one character laments, “the land of one man’s freedom would always be the land of another’s bondage.” He also deftly makes clear the interconnectedness and rippling traumas it caused from Africa to the Caribbean to the Americas.” – Alyssa Cole, New York Times.

IN THE UPPER COUNTRY tells the story of the fates of two unforgettable women—one just beginning a journey of reckoning and self-discovery and the other completing her life’s last vital act—intertwined in this sweeping, powerful novel set at the terminus of the Underground Railroad.

Kai Thomas is a writer, carpenter, and land steward. He is Afro-Canadian, born and raised in Ottawa, descended from Trinidad and the British Isles. In the Upper Country is his first novel.

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Kai is represented by Samantha Haywood.