Giller shortlisted author and TV writer Zoe Whittall dives deep into the long-running and binge-watch-worthy series Gilmore Girls in their Pop Classics new book, FOLLOW THEM TO THE EDGE OF THE DESERT. 

The show—which inspires obsessive fandom as well as harsh criticism—is quintessential comfort viewing, so much so that Zoe, like many others, has used it throughout her adulthood as a balm against anxiety. This Pop Classics title will examine how Gilmore Girls became destination viewing for an audience that needed nurturing and care, featuring a Gilmore Girls convention, where Zoe will immerse herself in the Stars Hollow fandom. 

Commissioned by Jen Sookfong Lee at ECW, scheduled for Fall 2025. 

Deal by Samantha Haywood at the Transatlantic Agency.