From Samantha Haywood:

As President of the Transatlantic Agency I am interested in working with our team of talented literary agents to co-represent the most exciting submissions that come my way. 

Please keep me in mind for compelling, provocative, intelligent and issue-driven nonfiction of all types including investigative subjects and big idea/paradigm shifting narratives. While personal connection to the issues is often important, I’m leaning away from searching for more memoirs for a spell. 

For fiction, I’m looking for literature that surprises and feels fresh, with an urgency of voice. Strong stylists are always welcome. 

Also welcome: literary to upmarket fiction of all types, including literary hybrids with splashes of speculative, horror, mystery, suspense and a range of book club fiction, as long as the execution and premises are fresh. And well executed fiction that is sweet/fun/lighter stories are also welcome – things don’t have to be dark and brooding to be exciting to me. 

Eva Oakes, my editorial associate and I are looking forward to hearing from you! 

From February 13th to March 13th 2023, this is how you can reach me:

Writers are encouraged to email with a cover letter with a sample/excerpt of the book in question. 

Please submit a maximum of 20 pages, and embed the sample/excerpt into the email after the cover letter, as well as an author bio/publishing history and a synopsis. Please make a note if other agents are also considering the project, and please do not submit to me if you have already submitted to another Transatlantic Agent.

Important to remember: Due to the volume of submissions received, replies will be sent for only those submissions being actively considered. Thanks and hope to read you soon!