Congratulations to USA Today bestselling author Piper CJ on the publication of THE SUN AND IT’S SHADE publishing today with Bloom Books – and already #3 on the B&N bestseller list!

In the enthralling follow-up to The Night and Its Moon, bestselling author Piper CJ redefines love and trust through an authentic fantastical portrayal of queer experiences, found family, and the gray areas that define us all.

Piper’s third novel in the fantasy series The Night and Its Moon, THE GLOOM BETWEEN STARS is #1 (publishing July 18, 2023 with a cover reveal yesterday) on the B&N Top 100 List already!! THE SUN AND ITS SHADE is at #3 and THE NIGHT AND ITS MOON at #33.

I love you…

Nox’s tear-filled words echo across the sand as she and Amaris are torn apart. They’ve battled fiercely to find each other again, and have barely reunited when Amaris is taken away by the queen’s dragon.

Injured and desperate, Amaris is forced to navigate her new surroundings with the help of Raascot’s enigmatic general if she hopes to stay alive. At the same time, across the land and running out of options, Nox forms a partnership with the continent’s league of peacekeeping assassins, begging their help to find Amaris and forge some stability between the kingdoms.

As wounds heal and new relationships blossom, Nox and Amaris must confront impossible obstacles and stretch their magic to its limits if they are ever to create a world that might finally reunite them for good. The odds are narrow, the stakes are high, and one question remains: Is it fate, love, or something else entirely that binds these two women together?

Piper CJ is the author of the USA Today and PW Bestselling bisexual fantasy THE NIGHT AND ITS MOON, published by Bloom Books in late 2022. THE NIGHT AND ITS MOON to date rights have been sold to City Editions in France, Mondadori in Italy and Algaguara in Spain.

Piper is a photographer, hobby linguist, and french fry enthusiast. She has an M.A. in Folklore and a B.A. in Broadcasting. With another series forthcoming, when Piper isn’t playing with her dogs, Arrow and Applesauce, she’s making Tik Toks for her 1 million followers, studying fairytales, or writing fantasy very, very quickly. 

Piper is represented by Carolyn Forde and Alexandra D’Amico.