Congratulations on the publication of CRYING WOLF: A MEMOIR by Eden Boudreau publishing today in North America (Book*hug Press)!

It’s a tale as old as time. Girl meets boy. Boy wants girl. Girl says no. Boy takes what he wants anyway.

After a violent sexual assault, Eden Boudreau was faced with a choice: call the police and explain that a man who wasn’t her husband, who she had agreed to go on a date with, had just raped her. Or go home and pray that, in the morning, it would be only a nightmare.

In the years that followed, Eden was met with disbelief by strangers, friends, and the authorities, often as a result of stigma towards her non-monogamy, sex positivity, and bisexuality. Societal conditioning of acceptable female sexuality silenced her to a point of despair, leading to addiction and even attempted suicide. It was through the act of writing that she began to heal.

Crying Wolf is a gripping memoir that shares the raw path to recovery after violence and spotlights the ways survivors are too often demonized or ignored when they belong to marginalized communities. Boudreau heralds a new era for others dismissed for “crying wolf.” After all, women prevailing to change society for others is also a tale as old as time.

Praise for CRYING WOLF:

“Eden Boudreau’s debut memoir is a searing and unflinching record of the assault and aftermath of sexual violence. Admirers of Alice Sebold and Sarah Polley should make room on their shelf for this evocative account of rape by a third partner within a polyamorous marriage—and the internal and systemic wounds which occur as a result. With her incisive wit, heartbreaking insight, and riveting storytelling, Boudreau has earned my admiration as both a talented writer and a steadfast survivor.” —Amber Cowie, author of Last One Alive

“Crying Wolf is a phoenix rising from the ash of Boudreau’s pain. In her stunning and eloquent debut, Boudreau takes readers on a harrowing journey through some of her darkest days, while holding a mirror to a society that perpetuates the shaming of those who live in the margins. Readers will close Crying Wolf with a sense of having been changed by the story of healing and returning to oneself, but most of all, will find themselves hopeful for the future.” —Kelly S. Thompson, bestselling author of Girls Need Not Apply and Still, I Cannot Save You

“Boudreau’s early passion for writing and reading turned out to be key to her recovery. On the advice of her therapist, she took up her pen and joined a writing retreat with a literary idol. In the end, she weighed the potential shame of going public with a trial against taking charge of her own story and how it would be told. Crying Wolf is the result of that choice: a battle cry for women who have survived assault.” —Suzanne Kamata, Foreword Reviews

Eden Boudreau was born and raised in a small rural area just outside Halifax. In 2016, she relocated to Ontario with her family. As a bisexual, polyamorous woman who has survived her fair share of adversity, Eden’s work draws on her life experiences to inspire vulnerable and relatable stories. Her essays have been featured in Flare, Today’s Parent, and Runner’s World, amongst others. She is the host and creator of the podcast, Dear Lonely Writer, aimed at destigmatizing mental health struggles during the writing process. Boudreau lives in Georgina, Ontario. Crying Wolf is her first book.Eden is represented by Samantha Haywood.