We are proud to announce that three Transatlantic clients have been shortlisted for the 2024 Manitoba Young Readers Choice Awards!

In 1990, the Manitoba School Library Association decided to mark the International Year of Literacy by developing a literacy initiative that would have a positive and lasting impact on a vulnerable segment of the reading population, children in grades 4 through 8.

The Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award was born.

This year we are proud to have three of our talented clients included in the Northern Lights 2024 Shortlist! Find out more about the shortlisted books below:

AUTUMN BIRD AND THE RUNAWAY by Melanie Florence and Richard Scrimger (Scholastic Canada) 

Cody’s home life is a messy, too-often terrifying story of neglect and abuse. Cody himself is a smart kid, a survivor with a wicked sense of humour that helps him see past his circumstances and begin to try to get himself out.

Autumn is, quite literally, on the other side of the tracks from him. Her home life is loving and secure, and she is “in” with the popular girls at school, even if she has a secret life as a glasses-wearing, self-professed comic book nerd at home. And even if the pressure to fit in at school requires hours of time spent making herself look “perfect.”

Returning home from a movie one evening, Autumn comes across Cody, face down in the laneway behind her house. All Cody knows is that he can’t take another beating from his father like the one he just narrowly escaped. He can’t go home, but he doesn’t have anywhere else to go either. Autumn won’t turn her back on him, even if they never really were friends at school. She agrees to let him hide out in her dad’s art studio at night.

Melanie is represented by Amy Tompkins.

EIGHT DAYS by Teresa Toten (Scholastic Canada) 

Samantha finds out that the mother she thought had died years ago has actually just passed away. Added to this charged secret is her recovering alcoholic grandfather’s strange behaviour and sudden insistence that he take Sami back to Chicago to retrieve her mother’s body.

Luckily, Sami’s beloved neighbour and surrogate mother figure, Aggie, insists on coming on the road trip, bringing along her quirky sense of humour and fantastic wig collection.

The eight-day journey takes us from Toronto to Chicago and back again, as Sami, an American living with her grandfather in a Muslim-dominated apartment complex in Toronto, struggles to find out who she is and where she belongs.

Teresa is represented by Samantha Haywood.

HOW TO BE A GOLDFISH by Jane Baird (Warren Scholastic Canada) 

When her teacher assigns a family tree project for Parents’ Day, Lizzie knows it won’t be long until Scotch Gully’s gossips start up again. Most folks in her conservative town are used to the fact that she’s the only kid with an unmarried mom, but when Lizzie’s family tree research uncovers a shocking secret about her grandmother, Lizzie knows that certain townsfolk will start their back-fence talk about her family once more. 

She turns to Harry ― who’s been like a grandfather to her ― for help and advice, but Harry has problems of his own. Someone has arrived at his farm claiming to own it, and is forcing Harry out. Now Lizzie must face losing Harry and the place that’s been her second home. Lizzie finds a surprising ally in David, the new owner’s son. Together, their sleuthing uncovers the keys to saving Harry and his farm, but sharing the secrets she and David have uncovered will put Lizzie’s complicated family on center stage.

Jane is represented by Elizabeth Bennett.

To learn more about the awards, click here: http://www.myrca.ca/

Congratulations to everyone!